July 31, 2010

New mom Gigi Lai doing well.

Credits: xin.msn

Gigi Lai is one happy mom and wife.

The former actress recently gave birth to a pair of twin girls. According to reports, hubby Patrick Ma had already splurged on a luxurious HKD800,000 (S$160,000) ward for Gigi to stay in.

The doting husband was also said to have spent over HKD1m (S$200,000) on tonics such as bird's nest and abalone for Gigi to begin her recuperation and promised that she can have whatever she wants as a present.

The couple, however, did get a little scare from their daughters.

Weighing in at only 1.36kg, doctors had declared the younger daughter underweight and kept her under observation in an oxygen box.

Patrick later told reporters that although underweight, his younger daughter was healthy and may be discharged in two days.

Credits: xin.msn

Gigi Lai shed tears of joy

The former actress cried for three hours in joy after giving birth to her twin daughters

Former actress Gigi Lai gave birth to twin daughters without much problems despite her late pregnancy. She was said to have cried tears of joy for three hours after she gave birth last week.

Her husband, Patrick Ma, will be giving Gigi a luxurious yacht worth HKD15m (S$3m). The yacht will be named Bonheur, which means happiness in French.

Gigi has come a long way in finding true happiness.

At a tender age of 14, she was already trying to earn a living in showbiz. She painstakingly put her brother through medical school, but an unfortunate car accident left him brain damaged.

After having toiled through much of her adult life, Gigi can now kick back and settle down with a man who loves her .


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