September 21, 2009

About Site

About Site
Practically, this site is an archive for everything Gigi so that fans can come and reminisce on Gigi's work.
Provides you with → Series/movies screencaps, latest Gigi news, interview translations, fan graphics, memorable scenes from random series, function pictures/news etc..

Glamorous Gigi means..
Definition of 'glamorous': Having an air of allure, romance and excitement..
The concept of the title is that Gigi is not only glamorous on the outside, but also in the inside.
Beauty, inside and out.

It was originally 'Gorgeous Gigi', but was changed to 'Glamorous Gigi' because there is another 'Gorgeous Gigi' fanblog.

About Gigi
♥ Name: Chinese - 黎姿 (Lai Zi) / English - Gigi Lai
♥ Profession: Actress and singer. Also does modeling work.
♥ Age: 39 (2010)
♥ Birthdate: 10th of October 1971 (Same year as Moses Chan, Steven Ma and Julian Cheung)
♥ Birthplace: Hong Kong
♥ Height: 165cm (May have varied)
♥ Weight: 50kg (May have varied)
♥ Religion: Christian
♥ Married to Patrick Ma with twins, Ka Wai and Ka Mei

For more info on her, see this post:
Gigi's Be My Guest Interview

About Webmiss
I can be found in Chinese & Viet Gigi forum, AsianFanatics, AsianUniverse, TVB Central and Illusive Serenity (:
Big fan of Gigi since 2007.
Looks up to Gigi as a role model.

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