October 20, 2009

Be My Guest Interview Translation

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Gigi has opened up and revealed a lot about herself in her Be My Guest interview on January 5, 2008.
She talks about her brother, her spiritual life, love life and filming.

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Be My Guest Episode 33 - Gigi Lai | January 05, 2008

Credits: AsianEU


Stephen: How is your brother, Stephen's condition?
Gigi: It's improving a lot. Compared to the beginning stage, I think it's a big miracle. We went to the ICU and we saw the X-Ray, I asked myself, "How can this be?". I have never studied medicine or anatomy, I don't know how to see CT scans but the doctor explained to me. In the centre of the brain, it's like a mooncake, cut into half. A human's brain is big, but the most important is the centre of the brain. I asked, "Is his life in risk?". The doctor didn't answer me. I have never experienced anything like this in my life until now. On that day, I was meeting up with my friends to give them souvenirs from France. My mother received a call from the police station saying that Lai Ying was in the hospital. I thought that there was someone who was prank calling us. So I answered the phone. The police asked me, "Am I Lai Ying's relative?". Then I asked, "Can you give me your number? I'll call you back.". When I called back, it was really from the emergency department. They told me that Lai Ying met a car accident and asked us to visit him. So I told them, that I would like to speak to Lai Ying. But they told me that he was unconscious.

When we went to St. Mary's Hospital, we were very confused. We saw the police holding a plastic bag. So we collected his bag and clothes. He gave us a black plastic bag. At that time, I was very calm. I knew I had to control the situation and take care of my parents. My dad has a heart disease and his ear is not very good. I was afraid my parents wouldn't be able to accept it. I took out the clothes from the bag and it was soaked in blood. I looked at my hands filled with blood, I didn't know how to cry. I asked my maid to wipe it with tissue, and I kept breathing heavily. Not long after my brother had a CT scan, they pushed him out of the room and I couldn't recognize him at all. The only thing that kept me calm was seeing him breathing. But his face was swollen, I guess a lot of newspapers have published pictures of them.

It seemed impossible. My friends advised me that I must be strong and must not cry. At that time, I didn't know how to pray. We waited for 8 hours for the operation.

Stephen: When did you get to see your brother?
Gigi: After the operation, I got to see him. The doctor told me, that he is improving, but he couldn't tell me when he would be conscious.

Stephen: So when did he become conscious?
Gigi: 2 months after.


Stephen: Then after you knew your brother met an accident, you stopped working?
Gigi: Actually, I couldn't go back to work. I was handling a lot of things. I am very grateful that I entered TVB at such a young age. Without TVB, I wouldn't be able to be that smart. TVB has trained me to do so many things. I reminisced back during my younger days, how I endured them. I have never tried going to the office, becoming like a CEO. I had many friends who were very concerned about me. After visiting my brother, they would bring me out for lunch. I had no appetite at all. I told myself, I cannot be like this, if not my energy was low, I won't be able to help my brother.


Gigi: I am very grateful to God, it's a miracle. It's very weird, when my brother was in the accident, the driver did not dare to step out of the taxi. Everyone was afraid. But, 5 minutes later, an ambulance passed by. Coincidentally, there was a bar near the accident, so they took out ice for my brother. The ambulance driver chose to drive my brother to the Queen Mary Hospital. The journey took quite long. You would have to wait very long if you're in the emergency unit. You might also have to wait for an operation room. But coincidentally, there was no one using the operation room. It's like everything was prepared, from the accident to the operation. The doctor also said that he would use the CT scan as a guide in university.

Stephen: So, this is how you became a Christian?
Gigi: Yes.

Stephen: Before this, have you tried feng shui or anything like that?
Gigi: There were a lot of reports in the newspaper, there were some true, but also some which were fake. At that time, there were a lot of Christian friends around me and my brother is also a Christian. I knew that the only person who could help my brother was God, so I helped him pray. My good friends told me that I should pray, and God will hear my prayer.

(Gigi cries at this point)

Gigi: I would never thought that TVB would treat me so good. They are all very kind and supportive. You, Miss Lok, Zhan姐 (I forgot who this was), Producer Chik.. Chik has given me a lot of support.. Ada Choi, Moses Chan, Maggie Shiu, they are all a blessing to me.

Stephen: Because of pressure and stress, did you see a therapist?
Gigi: Someone told me that they heard that I was seeing a therapist. But no, God is my therapist.
Stephen: Yes, it is very important to have a religion. I always think that being together as a family is fate. But not neccesarily, they might treat you nicely, so we have to be grateful.

Stephen: So how many years is Lai Ying younger than you?
Gigi: 4 years.

Stephen: Why is your relationship with him so good? Is it because since young you have been taking care of him?
Gigi: He doesn't really love me when we were young. He was very cute when he was young with curly hair, fair skin and a chubby face like a mix. So I like to pinch his cheeks and snatch my things and he would hit me. I am very protective over my family. Without my family, I am nothing.


Stephen: Is it because you have to be a 'soldier' for your family, you come out and work when you were young?
Gigi: I don't think I have that potential.

Stephen: How old were you when you came out to work?
Gigi: I was still studying, 14 years old.

Stephen: He must love you very much because I hear that he asked you to stop work and he will take care of you..
Gigi: Yes, he has mentioned that.
Stephen: So sweet!
Gigi: He's very 'geng', he gives me credit cards to use. But I don't want to use it, because it's his hard earned money.

Stephen: You lived at a very nice place when you were young, but suddenly you had to move to a small, shabby place. Did you think that maybe, your studies weren't going so well, so you might as well come out and work and find money for the family?
Gigi: Actually no.

Stephen: How did you enter the entertainment cirlce?
Gigi: When I was young, my dad worked in a fitness club. Sam Hui works out there. Everyday after school, I would go to the fitness club to see my dad. My dad is very kind and likes to talk to the customers. So one day, Sam saw me and said that his company is looking for new people. My dad gave him my photo, and he gave it to Wong Bak Ming. It was the filming of Happy Ghost. I was only a very small character.

There was one scene, where the director told us to cry because the teacher is leaving the school. Even if we cannot cry, we must pretend to cry.. if you feel like laughing, you put your head down. When the camera was rolling, the director could hear someone crying very loud, which was me. The director told me: When they were rolling camera, the Caucasian cameraman told him to observe me, and said that I have potential.

Stephen: Your grandmother was a very famous actress, one of the first batches of HK actresses and your grandfather, Lai Man Wai, was a famous director, in the olden days. Did you get to see your grandfather?
Gigi: No, when I was born, he already passed away. But my grandmother was still there, and she would tell me a lot of stories about him and showed me pictures. A lot of people ask me, whether they have trained me. But they did not train me, it was TVB who did.

Stephen: Your first TVB series was 《怒海孤鴻》 (Drifters).
Gigi: TV series was Drifters, I remember filming 2 movies.

Stephen: There was also 《龍的天空》 (The Change of Time). Both series (Drifters and The Change of Time) had Frankie Lam. There were rumours saying that since you have faced him quite a lot, you must have fallen in love with him. Is it true?
Gigi: When filming and on-screen, you would fall in love with the other person. But when it was off-screen, you would know that, that certain person is not right for you.

Stephen: What about Frankie Lam? Why wasn't he right for you?
Gigi: Well, everyone had different channels. The conversations during the filming is different from the conversations off-screen. So both of us had different channels, but it does not prove that he's not a good guy, he's actually a very good man.

Stephen: You started singing in the 90's, you had a song called 白恤衫 (Bak Seut Sam)?
Gigi: Yes, it's from the 2nd album.

Stephen: Did you want to sing? Or did someone else ask you to sing?
Gigi: I didn't really want to sing, I didn't have much confidence in singing.

Stephen: But Roman Tam is your teacher?
Gigi: Yes, I have followed him before. I think I looked for him. After releasing albums, at events, I met him and I really look up to him and feel that I want to learn something from him.

Stephen: How do you think he is?
Gigi: Oh, he's very nice. It's funny, he always praises my figure. He taught me a lot of things. But I have released 7 albums. I went to Taiwan, so I released some albums there.

Stephen: I remember your TVB contract ended from 1992 to 1995.
Gigi: Yes, that was when I went to Taiwan.

Stephen: So you continued filming movies.
Gigi: It was the 《古惑仔》 (Young and Dangerous) era.
Stephen: As, Sai Sai Lup.
Gigi: Yes.

Stephen: I remember you mentioning that you regretted acting in the Young and Dangerous movies.
Gigi: I felt regretful, not because of me. But I regretted because it teaches children bad things. When Young and Dangerous was released, I was walking at Causeway Bay, when these gangsters saw me they called me 'Ah Sou'.
Stephen: So you must be very safe.
Gigi: Haha, yeah. They are very into the movie. I then realized, how much a movie can influence someone. But in the end I thought, little children will learn the bad things in the movie and I felt that it was not very good.

Stephen: War and Beauty is probably your most memorable series.
Gigi: When I was filming War and Beauty, I asked what character I would be portraying, they didn't know. What was the story about? They didn't know. How many episodes? They didn't know.

Stephen: Have you ever thought that Yuk Ying would bring you those 2 awards?
Gigi: No I have never.

Stephen: You got Most Favourite Female Character. Did you think, "Oh, Best Actress won't be mine."
Gigi: No, never thought that it would be mine. I just thought of wearing something nice to respect the event. I knew that War and Beauty would win awards, but I have no idea who would.

Stephen: Have you wondered who would take the award?
Gigi: Maybe Sheren Tang, or Charmaine Sheh. But I would never thought that I would have the award. You would think that you have the chance to win, but compared to other people's chances, I thought that mine would be quite slim.

Stephen: Of course, there would be criticisms and opinions saying that you were not suppose to get the award. What was your reaction when you heard about them?
Gigi: The company has given me the award, so I should receive it. But frankly, there definitely are people who support you. The old me would say all kinds of excuses to disagree with them. But as I grow up, I wonder why do people support me, or should I improve myself? I won't hate the person who criticizes me.

Stephen: Are you good friends with Sheren Tang?
Gigi: Yes we're friends. When we were filming War and Beauty, we would talk about a lot of things. She even bought eye cream for me. But no one believes me!

Stephen: Which series do you think was the most suffering?
Gigi: War and Beauty, and The Dance of Passion. Costume-wise.. we had to wear a lot of red lipstick so it was very hard to eat and drink. The hair is also very heavy. My neck hurt for a few months. But the most suffering was the cold weather.

Stephen: But wouldn't there be smoke coming out from your mouth when you talk?
Gigi: Oh yes, that was a problem. We had to drink iced water, so that the temperature inside our mouths and the surrounding temperature would be the same so that the smoke won't appear. We had to constantly drink iced water.

Stephen: Did you really want to get married?
Gigi: Yes, my dream was to become a wife.

Stephen: Your first love was Wong Yuk Long. How old were you then?
Gigi: 16-17 years old.
Stephen: He was 20+ years older than you. Was there a communication problem?
Gigi: Not really. He was someone who could teach you a lot of things. He probably gave me security, and I had someone to teach me something.
Stephen: So when you were with him, was he divorced?
Gigi: Yes, when I met him, he was already divorced. But he broke up with me, because he wanted to re-marry his wife.
Stephen: So he initially wanted to break up?
Gigi: Yes. At first I thought he was cheating me, but in the end, he did not. When he was dating with me, his business had problems. He gone missing for a while and 2 weeks later he appeared. He called me up and told me he wanted to break up because he wanted to re-marry and because of his business problems.
Stephen: Have you visited him?
Gigi: No I did not visit him because I was a bit angry at him. I told him before, even if he didn't have money, I would follow you, I will endure it with you. After that, I was a a bit afraid. Even if he called me up today, we would only be friends, not good friends though.

Stephen: There were many men who were chasing you. Including Hui Jun Hung, Pong Wai Sun who went to Singapore with you, Choi Zi Ming who let you use his car and the dentist Jung Siu Po and also Ma Tin Keung. How many were true and fake? How many did you know and did not know?
Gigi: Oh, I knew all of them. Mr. Hui is a gentleman who has pursued me before, but we didn't officially date, probably because I was afraid of men (after her relationship with Mr. Wong). But I didn't know why, he probably appeared at the wrong time. Mr. Pong and have dated before, but our behaviour and attitudes were different. He's very smart.
Stephen: What was different?
Gigi: He was very fast, but I was very slow. Mr. Jung, it was also because of attitude problems. He was too slow.
Stephen: Do you still see him to have a check up?
Gigi: Sometimes.. but I usually hope I don't need to fix my teeth.
Stephen: What about Ma Tin Keung?
Gigi: He's a good friend, but we have not progressed into having a relationship. (LOLLL :P)
Stephen: What about Tan Sun Kwong?
Gigi: He's also a good friend. He is like my brother's mentor. We met quite long ago, so if he wanted to pursue me, he would have pursued me then.
Stephen: He and your brother are very close?
Gigi: Yes, very close. Before the accident, he was eating dinner with him.

Stephen: Do you like desserts?
Gigi: Oh, I love desserts.

Stephen: I have heard men giving you very expensive presents. Is it true?
Gigi: Boyfriends, yes.
Stephen: The most expensive?
Gigi: I forgot. I think that it's the thought that counts.
Stephen: In the entertainment cirlce, there is a lot "If I give you money, would you stay one night with me?". Has it happened to you?
Gigi: No. I have heard of this, but it has never happened to me. I do not think it is real though because if I do not personally hear the truth from the person him/herself, I won't believe it.

Stephen: Do you think the entertainment circle is a complicated place?
Gigi: Well, it's not only the entertainment circle, it also applies to other circles.

Stephen: I would edit parts of this interview for your brother. Would you like to say something to him?
Gigi: I will be there for you, 24/7, or forever. As long as I'm here, I will support you. I have confidence in you, you can go through all this.
Stephen: And Stephen, I have only visited your dermatology clinic once. I want to come for the second and third time as well.

Stephen: It's time for presents. I know that you like fruits (Gives her fruits and chicken essence for her brother and her).
*Also gave her a small clay sculpture of a brother and a sister under a leaf.*
Gigi: Thank you. I will give this to him right away after this.

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