September 23, 2009


Welcome to this English fansite, which is dedicated to the ex TVB actress, Gigi Lai.

Here, you will find resources on Gigi such as function news, series character info, pictures, fan graphics and also screencaps.

I'm sorry to say, but the site will be working on her later productions (year 2004+) first. After it is complete, then we will focus on her past work.

Glamorous Gigi will be officially opened in November October 20th.
I pushed the date nearer so that I can start posting soon! Not to forget, it's also The Gem of Life's airing date, easy to remember.
But for now, I have to work on the layout and future ideas for the site.

Thanks for visiting. I will try my best to update frequently when the site is officially opened.

Sorry for the mess!