July 26, 2010

Gigi Lai won't be sharing baby photos with media

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Last year Gigi Lai retired from the entertainment industry and married wealthy businessman Patrick Ma Ting Keung and became a happy wealthy wife. The other day (7/24th) she gave birth to twin girls for Mr. Ma at Canossa Hospital. Older sister was over 6 pounds, while little sister is only 3 pounds.

The other night, new father Patrick first announced the good news to the media and yesterday afternoon at 2pm, Patrick arrived at the hospital to accompany his wife. He got out of his car and was surrounded by the media, he accepted another interview with a huge smile on his face. He expressed that the twins still have not been given a name. Patrick really loves his wife Gigi, he reveals that Gigi is breastfeeding the girls, and after giving birth she is very tired, so she doesn't have much of an appetite. He brought food to the hospital for his wife. Reporters asked Patrick if they'll share pictures of the twins to the media? He joked: "The babies said they want some privacy, nope!"

Asked if they'll try again for a boy? He said let nature take its course. As for what gift will he give Gigi? He said whatever Gigi likes, he'll give it to her. He also said that Gigi will be discharged from the hospital soon, but the doctor has not decided the exact date.

Yesterday Gigi's parents and good friend Choi Ka Man visited her in the hospital. Honored to be grandparents, the two elders were very excited. They stayed for some time before leaving, asked about Gigi and Babies current mood? They only smiled nonstop: "Thank you Thank you!" Then they left in a hurry and even scratched someone's car.

Awww, I would have love to see photos of the twins! I bet they're adorable.
I'll respect Gigi's decision though.


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