August 18, 2010

Gigi Lai: I am now an ordinary mother

3rd August 2010

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After giving birth to twin daughters in a Hong Kong hospital in late July, Gigi Lai begins her recuperation after being discharged from the hospital with her older daughter last week.

Her younger daughter is being kept under observation at the hospital as she is underweight.

Over a phone interview, Gigi talked about her experience over the past nine months of pregnancy.

She revealed that before she knew she was pregnant, she vomited so badly that she even went into shock. It was only when her husband, Patrick Ma, sent her to the hospital did they realize that Gigi was pregnant.

Over the nine months, Gigi had to carry the weight of her unborn daughters. With the weight of her womb bearing down on her, the actress kept panting after taking a few steps. Even the simple act of talking on the phone caused her to be tired.

Despite that, Gigi still sounded happy as she recounts how she first set her eyes on the fruits of her labour: her two daughters.

"After the operation, when the doctor put my daughters by my side, I felt like God gave me two of the most precious gifts I can ever have."

"I have changed: from the narcissistic woman I was, I am now an ordinary mother who wishes nothing more than for my babies to grow up healthy and strong."

Gigi Lai does not want kids to enter showbiz

Credits: Channel NewsAsia

HONG KONG: Former Hong Kong actress Gigi Lai, who recently gave birth prematurely to twin daughters, has said she doesn't want them to follow in her footsteps and enter showbiz, reported Hong Kong media.

"I was in my teens when I started acting and missed a lot of my youth. I don't want my children to be like me. I hope that they can lead their own lives and I will try to protect their privacy as much as possible. Hopefully people will give them some space," said Lai.

"I will give them freedom, but won't let them decide what they want to do when they are still in their teens. They must finish their university studies before they get to choose."

Speaking to Hong Kong media for the first time after delivering her twins via Caesarean section on July 24, Lai, who is married to wealthy businessman Patrick Ma, 53, said she was very emotional when the doctors brought her babies to her.

"Just after the operation, the doctors brought them (the twins) to me and it felt like heaven had given me two priceless gifts. Even today, I still feel moved," gushed the 39 year-old, who described her elder daughter as "quiet and refined" and the younger one as "very active".

When asked if it was a difficult pregnancy, Lai recounted that she experienced morning sickness early during her pregnancy and vomited so violently she had to be warded, before doctors told her she was pregnant.

She also felt out of breath while talking on the phone.

However, Lai said that it was all worth it to be a mother and added that she has no interest in returning to showbiz.

"I want to be a normal woman, a mother. I retired from the entertainment industry because I got tired of it," said Lai.

- CNA/ha

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