November 11, 2009

The Gem of Life - Episode 17

Episode 16 didn't have much of Gigi in it.
Basically, Ching Yeung, Constance's dad thinks that Ah Fat is a liar.
This changes Constance's opinion of Ah Fat.


Mr. Kam, a MaBelle customer, left his wedding ring in the toilet (?!). Ah Fat helps Constance return the ring, and ends up injuring himself.

Constance accepts Derek's courtship.

Constance and June (her friend & colleague) met Terrence at a café. At that time, Constance disliked Terrence because he 'bullied' her on the yacht (in episode 7 and episode 8). So Constance put the water from the vase into his coffee.
Suddenly, someone fainted near the toilet. Constance thought it was Terrence. She told June what she did. But it turns out that it was not Terrence who fainted. Terrence overheard and said that it was fair because she put something in his coffee and he bullied her on the yacht. Terrence wanted to be Constance's friend. Constance said if they meet again, then they'll be friends. Terrence also wanted to know what she put in his coffee :P

Derek visited Constance at her workplace. But Constance didn't want their relationship to be known.
Derek also bought her a diamond ring.

Terrence's girlfriend poured coffee over his suit (broke up). Constance coincidentally met Terrence again. Terrence asked whether Constance could help him pick a new suit. Terrence looked into the mirror and asked Constance whether it was okay. She repeated what he said in episode 5 (Basically, she complimented him). They ate lunch together and Constance gave advice to Terrence about women. She asked him to buy something for his girlfriend from MaBelle (her workplace).
Derek saw them laughing and chatting happily. He got jealous and went over to scold Terrence.

Siu Yau spotted someone sending Constance home, but she did not know it was Derek.


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