November 13, 2009

The Gem of Life - Episode 18

Constance still denies that she has a boyfriend (which is Derek).

Cute sister scene #3!

Sylvia: Wah, I thought you said you would treat us (her sisters) supper, but you cook us instant noodles instead.
Jessica: Both of you know that cooking instant noodles is one of my strengths. Cooking for both of you is already very good. And, I'm bankrupt now.
Constance: Mmm.. the noodles is not bad.
S: It's a Japanese product. The 6 dollars one is of course better than the 2 dollars one.
J: When I get my pay, I'll treat you to a big meal.
C: After you get your pay, don't you need to go buy things?
S: I don't know where all my new handbags went.
C: My new clothes are missing too.
J: Don't be like that, working at Melissa's is very pitiful. It's not only about your ability, it's also about your appearance. I'm facing a lot of pressure.. Big sister, of course you won't understand. You're the boss, you only order people to do things. 2nd sister, you wear a uniform and you don't need to date yet.
C: Wah, your boss is so troublesome. Do you have enough money to use?
J: I-
S: There you go again. Spoiling her...
J: Big sister, I know you love me too...
S: I'm telling you now, the more challenging the job, the better. But don't you let people think that you are only looking for money, you must put heart into it too.
J: You think I'm stupid? I won't let people see.
S: You don't let people see it, but your heart is still like that!
C: She's an adult, she understands.
S: She has only started working for a short period of time.
C: Her work is more challenging than ours.
S: You're just spoiling her.
C: I'm just giving her confidence.
S: She'll become haughty.
C: If you keep saying this, she'll be dispirited!

Terrence visits Constance's workplace to buy a bracelet for his secretary. He also asks her out for lunch, but Constance rejected him because says she's 'busy'. Terrence thinks it's because of Derek.

Siu Yau sees Constance and Derek together. She scolds both of them.

Constance decides to secretly leave the house for a little while because she feels awkward facing her mother. But Siu Yau found out anyway.

Siu Yau looks for Kuan Ching and asks her for the truth.
Actually, KC has followed Derek for more than 10 years. KC was actually pregnant with Derek's baby but he asked her to abort the baby because he didn't like children. Siu Yau lies to KC, saying that Constance is pregnant.

KC goes to find Constance because she doesn't want Constance to be tricked by Derek. KC tells everything to Constance including that Sunny is not her boyfriend but Derek is.
After that, Constance asks Derek if he would have children with her. Derek says he is willing to have as many babies as possible. She also asked about Sunny but he is still lying about Sunny being with KC.
In the end, Constance admits that she found out about everything. They broke up.


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