April 14, 2010

News (13th Apr) - Gigi is in a good mood and shops for jewellery

Note: The captions are not from me, but the article.

Thanks to the supplements provided by her husband, the pregnant Gigi looks more glutted (I wish I could use another word besides 'glutted'). A few days ago, she was spotted with a friend shopping for jewellery. When she (Gigi) saw the reporters, she gave them a smile.

Her belly exposed.

Double chin.

Choosing jewellery.

Gigi's friend is very cautious of Gigi.


Direct summary of the article:

- The same old news, the in-vitro fertilisation, the name-changing and all that.
- Apparently, the Gigi-bearing-twins news is confirmed and both sides of the family are excited. Her husband was quite nervous at first and quickly arranged for her to be admitted to Canossa Hospital.
- Since it's twins and it's Gigi's first pregnancy, she experienced a lot of morning sickness and nausea. Her husband immediately got all kinds of herbs and medicine for her.
- Her husband bought her a lot of things.
- Gigi was shopping for jewellery with her friend. She hesitated in buying them, and left. When she saw the reporters, she quickly covered her belly with her coat. She just smiled at them and went in the vehicle with the help of her friend.

Source: laichi.org/bbs

Honestly, I have no idea how reporters find out about some things.
Nevertheless, I'm so happy for her ;) And although she was a famous celebrity (and she still is [famous]), she still keeps things under wraps and is very low-key. She doesn't really boast and exaggerate, she keeps things simple. That's one of the things I admire about her even after she has retired from the entertainment circle.


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