March 22, 2010

[News] 18th Mar '10 - Gigi and husband celebrate wedding anniversary at Japan

The article talks about Gigi's pregnancy (the same old in-vitro fertilisation etc) and her trip to Japan.
Her husband and her went to Tokyo, Japan for their belated wedding anniversary.
Haha, it also says that Gigi was playing 'hide and seek' with the reporters because once she found out there were reporters following her, she tried her best to avoid them.

Some of the pictures remind me of her in her old movies, like Devil Face Angel Heart!


I'm so sorry for posting this so late!


  1. congrats! is it 孖女 or 孖仔 or 龍鳳胎?

  2. It's 龍鳳胎, according to news. But Gigi has not confirmed anything.


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