March 7, 2010

[News] Gigi Lai is at least 3 months pregnant

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Congratulations! Currently 39, Gigi Lai was rumored to be pregnant a year ago shortly after her marriage. Retired from the entertainment industry 2 years ago, she focused completely on being a good wife while learning the responsibilities of being a good mother. Yesterday Gigi's good friend Virgina Lok confirmed on her behalf that she is currently 3 months pregnant, but denies that she is pregnant with twins like rumors say. She smiled: "Not that fast, she want to hurry up and get it done!"

Leaving the entertainment circle due to her marriage preparation in 2008, she married wealthy businessman Ma Ting Keung on September 1, 2009. 39 year old Gigi Lai has reached a late age to have a child, she had been actively planning for pregnancy, but never seem to work. Recently, it was rumored that Gigi went to see a famous doctor (Ho Wing Chiu) for embryo implantation in hope to boost her chance to conceive. It was also rumored that she is currently 5 months pregnant with twins and is due late June or July at Canossa Hospital.

Yesterday Gigi's good friend Virgina Lok attended a film premiere and confirmed that Gigi is pregnant, when asked if she's 5 months pregnant with twins? She laughed: "I don't know, I don't know if its twins. How can it be that quick? I think she also wants to get it done all in one go too." She reveals that she had dinner with Gigi the other night, asked if Gigi is on the pregnancy diet? She said: "Just wait for Gigi to go through a peaceful pregnancy first. Whatever she does, hope she clearly understands what she is doing, usually she's quite careful."

Although Virgina was unwilling to reveal how many months pregnant Gigi is, but she reveals that she's at the early stages, in other words, at least 3 months. Asked again if Gigi is currently really happy about being pregnant? She said: "Of course!" One reporter joked and said that Virgina doesn't even know if Gigi is pregnant with twins, looks like she has no face? She smiled: "I have always had no face!"

A million of congratulations to Gigi! I am very happy for her :) Hmmm, seeing that she's 39 this year, I hope she will have a healthy pregnancy!
I wonder if it's really twins, cause that would be really cool :D


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