March 4, 2010

The Gem of Life - Episode 41

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Their honeymoon in Paris. Terrence left early because of his business.

Hehe cool.. Gigi's wearing a Chanel pearl necklace and is carrying a black Chanel Vinyl Cabas.
Credits to andrienne @ AsianFanatics for identifying the necklace and bag.

Family dinner...

Sylvia asks Constance whether Terrence is still mad at Calvin for the Richard issue.

Click to read more and see filming pics/videos

Constance calls Moses...

Martin tells Constance that no matter what they address each other as, they are still family.

Constance meets Elise at the salon. They start arguing. Jessica comes to her sister's aid.

Another family dinner... :)

Ching Yeung's store opening! He invites Ah Fat to the opening ceremony but when he sees Terrence and Constance together, he leaves.

Additional info from the webmiss of the TGOL's official blog:


- When they were having lunch, Gigi (who takes care of her health/body figure very well) always eats light, only eating vegetable/salad and Moses likes to sit next to her, showing off and tempting her with his hamburger, always saying "Lai Chi, it's very delicious!" or showing in front of everyone his "eating half a hamburger in one bite" (something like that) skills, making Gigi and the rest of the crew laugh their head off.
- Moses cooked steak for them (I think for Gigi, Maggie and Bowie) to eat. they went to a supermarket there to buy red wine, steak, beef etc to test 'Chef Mo's' abilities :P
- Moses's steak and Gigi's coffee (Gigi made coffee) were both very good, so they made fun of them, calling them "newlyweds".
- Moses and Gigi went to a well-known local church to film and it overlooked the landscape of the city. they were displaying their affection and they really seem like newlyweds!

You can also find videos of their filming over there I think.

Pictures of their filming in Paris @ TGOL Official Website

HQ Pictures of their filming @ PABlog (Dimension: 3456x2304)

and more... at

Starting from the 5th picture from the left
Then continue on to page 6 for MORE.

Video of Moses and Gigi talking about the Paris filming


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