February 25, 2010

The Gem of Life - Episode 40

C: Did I leave something in the office?
T: Get in the car first.
*gets in*
T: You left this.
C: You specially came here to give me a gift? You're so busy, do you have time?
T: When I was in the meeting, my mind was blank, I can only think of you. Then I felt like seeing you, so I came here to see you. Do you know, you keep me awake. Seeing you for a few minutes is better than a few cups of coffee.
C: Then I won't need to make coffee for you anymore!
T: Open the gift.
*C opens gift. The gift is a lotion!*
T: Recently you have been helping me type proposals and contracts, causing your hands to be dry.
C: Thank you.
T: I'm only thinking for myself. I wouldn't want to hold dry, rough hands.
C: Then don't hold my hands, hold someone else's!
T: I don't want to hold others' hands. *sigh* I have to go back to the office now to discuss something with Chris.
C: Ah, hold on.
*ties red ribbon at car rear view mirror*
C: Do you remember what I said the colour red represents?
T: It represents encouragement, courage and power.
C: It also represents, my eternal support and encouragement for you.
T: I have been very tired these days. But once I think about you, feeling tired is worth it. So now, I'm full of energy, I am going to sign the contract with Richard tomorrow. We will be discussing about our future plans.
C: Then don't sleep so late! Wish you all the best. Bye

Funny sister scene :)

Calvin tells Sylvia to tell Constance to inform Terrence about Richard being a cheat. But Terrence doesn't believe Calvin.

Terrence runs away from home (and is living on his yacht) because he got cheated by Richard. Constance is worried of Terrence and wants to see him. But Terrence wants to be alone.

Constance finds Terrence and ties red ribbons all over his yacht. Terrence then decides to marry Constance.

When Jessica heard about Constance and Terrence's marriage, she feels insecure and worried.

Sylvia gives a wedding gown to Constance as a wedding gift.

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  1. Hi, Blossom. So how was your holiday? Thank your very much for creating this page...as I don't read Chinese...just page is very useful.

    I am watching GOL from DirecTV, but they are on chapter 62....I was just wondering if you happens to know which Chapters Gigi's not in..so far I know she's not in 16,48, and 62..
    I want to skip some...b/c without Gigi...it's so boring...

    Also, I was trying to re-watch "The Change of Time" but couldn't find it anywhere...tried yesasia.com....but no luck...do U know where could I find it....

    Thank you very much Bloosom...have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you for creating this page Bloosom. Could U please tell me which chapters(GOL) Gigi is not in so I could skip them? So far I know she is not in 16,48 and 62. Thank you

  3. Hello Anonymous :)
    My holiday was okay, thanks for asking! Well I'm glad someone finds this blog useful! Ahh.. I currently cannot tell you because I do not have access to the series' files. But i'll go bak and check it out asap and inform you here, if you do not mind.
    Haha I watched the series from Gigi's baidu. You can find most of the series/movies there. But the thing is, the site is in Chinese. Can I post up the link in a separate comment later? I'm so sorry!

  4. Hi again Anonymous!

    Honestly, I'm not too sure. But most of the time I don't download the ones with Gigi inside. The only one I did not download after episode 62, is episode 74.

    And here is the link for 'The Change of Time':


  5. Thank you appreciate it. I guess I'll watch the whole series and find out. Since I'm watching it from cable. The final chapter will air around March 25th which will be a while.I was a fan of her's since The change of time and I liked her songs too.kinda stop watching her when she went into movies.

    Thank you Blossom. Appreciate it!!!


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