January 28, 2010

The Gem of Life - Episode 36

1. Constance stayed the night at Terrence's yacht.
C: Hey, it's 8 something, time to go work!
T: Go to work? Today's a holiday.
C: You have a meeting today, you can't be late. Give me 15 minutes, I'll change quick.
T: Unless the yacht sinks.
C: Why are we at sea?
T: Do you remember our journey from Qingdao to Hong Kong (episode 7 and 8). We spent 7 days and nights at sea. Our fated started from then onwards. Well I just wanted to be reminded, so I came out to sea.
C: Don't tell me you want to bring me to Qingdao again. The journey will take more than 10 days, don't you need to go to work?
T: Why not we go Macau? You don't need to worry about work, I have told Chris (assistant) about it, he'll handle everything. Unless, you don't want to go.
C: I am very troublesome, my tacking is slow, and I might eat and drink everything.
T: My yacht is so big, how can it not contain you? I have a lot of people to help with in my yacht this time. I guarantee that you'll live comfortably and peacefully here. And this time, my satellite phone is not spoiled, so you can call your mum or go back anytime. Let's eat [breakfast].
C: If I told my mum about you and me, I don't think I can go back.
T: Your mum minds your sister marrying my father, minds you and me together. It's a mess and she's afraid people will laugh at her.
C: That is only the second reason. Do you think she will accept a man who dating her daughter, but is prejudiced against her other daughter?
T: Ok I promise you, I will move back home and observe Jessica. Maybe I'll change my opinion about her, who knows.
C: But if you let go of all your prejudice against her, I believe mum will let us be together.
T: We've been through so much to be together, I believe your mum will believe us.

2. Ching Yeung saw Constance and Terrence together on the yacht.

3. Constance tells her mum about her relationship with Terrence.


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