January 28, 2010

The Gem of Life - Episode 35

1. Siu Yau somehow knows that Constance has already met Terrence. Siu Yau faints while scolding Constance.

2. Jessica gives Constance back her Happiness Ring because she has already found happiness and hopes that Constance finds her own happiness too.

3. Terrence waits for Constance on his yacht. But in the end Constance did not elope with him.

4. The next day, Terrence and Constance were back to boss-worker relationship. While getting something for a meeting from Terrence's Lamborghini, Constance saw many pairs of the same couple mugs they bought earlier.

5. Constance was doing a crossword and couldn't find the answer for the vertical ones but she finished the horizontals. She picked up the same crossword from Terrence's office and found that he was doing the vertical ones and did not do the horizontal ones. She almost completed the crossword by combining Terrence's vertical answers and she still had one more word to solve. The answer is a myth about three Sri Lanka princes. With Sylvia's help, she found out that the word was, 'Serendipity' (episode 31). Constance decides that she wants to be with Terrence.


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