January 22, 2010

The Gem of Life - Episode 31

1. Constance and Terrence have started dating. They bought a pair of couple mugs.

2. Jessica comes back from Phuket with Martin, married. Constance was saddened. Siu Yau was very angry with Jessica for secretly marrying Martin without parents' consent and Jessica&Martin's marriage will ruin Constance and Terrence's relationship.

T: It's me, you probably already know about my father and your sister?
C: Yes. How's your father?
T: He's okay. Why do you still care about this now?
C: My younger sister is really worried for your father. Can you tell me which hospital he is in now?
T: I don't care about your sister, I only care about you.
C: I'm alright.
T: Then why didn't you come to work today?
C: I have already applied for a leave.
T: I don't want you be afraid of seeing me because of those two people. I know you're confused, but I just want to tell you.. I know what I want. I hope you know what you want too. Remember, no one or nothing can affect our relationship.........
After hanging up, Constance accidentally broke the couple mug which she and Terrence bought earlier.

4. Jessica found out which hospital Martin is in, so she and Constance went to visit Martin. But Terrence wouldn't allow them to visit his father. Then Martin appears and asks Terrence to leave. Constance runs after him....
C: Stop right there!
T: I told you already, no one and nothing can affect our relationship. I don't want to argue with you because of that woman.
C: That woman is my sister, and your father's wife!
T: I will not accept her as my father's wife! Even if she's your sister, I won't give face!
C: Can you think rationally? True love exists!
T: The one I love is you! Don't make this so confusing.. just think about you and me.
C: Can you not be like that? Can you not be so immature and selfish?
T: No.
C: Then we'll break up.
T: Are you breaking up with me just like that?
C: We can't be together, it's too complicated.
T: If you tell me you don't love me, I will accept. But I won't accept any other reason!
C: I don't want to talk about it.
And then Terrence hugged Constance tightly although she was struggling, but in the end she gave in to him and hugged him as well. Siu Yau and Ying Jie saw what had happened from a distance.

5. Sylvia picked Constance and Jessica up from the hospital as there were reporters waiting for Jessica at the main entrance. Sylvia and Jessica got into an argument.

6. Siu Yau was very angry, so she went to Zhuhai for a while. Constance went over to convince her mother to come back. Siu Yau told Constance that she knew everything about Constance's relationship with Terrence. Constance promised Siu Yau that she will give up her relationship with Terrence for the family. Siu Yau returned home.

Terrence resigned from Miracle, and wanted to build his own company. He called Constance up and told her about his new building. Constance officially broke up with Terrence.

When Constance went home, Sylvia saw her crying and scolded Siu Yau for making Constance so sad.


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