January 21, 2010

The Gem of Life - Episode 30

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Constance coincidentally met Mr. Suen at Shanghai. He tells her about his life story. He also gives her words of advice:
"I'm not telling you this because I now know what a perfect match means. But it is because sometimes I laugh at myself, why didn't I treasure what I had when I was young? I know that Ah Fat's issue has made you lose confidence, made you very disappointed. But in life, we must always move forward. Sometimes we might fall, but we must stand up and run again.. fall, and stand back up again. Life is like that. Talking about happiness, it doesn't matter whether it results in the perfect match. The most important thing is, that you have treasured it before. Fate, it can lead a romantic life. It also can become an excuse for life." - Mr. Suen
*Seriously didn't know what he meant in the last sentence, the script is not very good*

3. Terrence invited Constance to a company dinner. Constance didn't believe him.. she wrote a resignation letter and said if she doesn't see anyone related to work there, she wants the letter to be accepted with immediate effect. And then her colleagues came up :P

Constance heard from a client that the kids she 'adopted' at Guizhou fell victim to a landslide. She went home and quickly looked for the tape the Guizhou children sent her. Terrence helped her look for a tape player, and gave her some advice. Finally, she accepted his courtship.


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