December 24, 2009

The Gem of Life - Episode 23

1. Ching Yeung submitted Constance's design of the Happiness Ring to an international jewellery designing competition.

2. Mr. Suen compliments Constance's designs and asks her to become a jewellery designer instead of a salesperson.

3. Elise almost knocks down Constance with her car because she was racing with her cousins. Elise scolded Constance. That was Constance and Elise's first encounter. Ah Fat saw what Elise did to Constance.

4. He burnt her car but he was caught by the security cameras. Someone recognized him as Constance's boyfriend. Constance had to go to the police station.

5. In the end, Constance was proved innocent. She wanted to resign from her job because she thinks that it would affect the company's name.

6. Ah Fat meets up with Constance and says that he will take revenge on Mr. Suen for firing Constance, when actually Constance resigned.

7. Constance and Terrence went out for lunch.
T: When are you working till?
C: How did you know that I resigning from my job?
T: Haha.. have you heard of 'telergy'?
C: Telepathy?
T: So you better be careful. I can read what your heart is thinking.
C: June must have told you.
T: It's okay. If you don't like what you're doing, then there's no use continuing.
C: But the people beside me don't see it that way.
T: It's not how people see it, it's how you see it. If you like doing it, then you can continue. If you don't like, you just leave. Simple.
C: Thanks. In these few days, you are the only one who agrees with me about resigning.
T: Don't talk about the past, don't think about it. I understand, your boyfriend did it because he loves you.
C: Yes, he loves me. But his way of expressing it, is always about making small things big. I am really pressured.
T: I understand that too. Sometimes in strong relationships, you would make people feel more afraid.
C: I don't even know whether it's me. If it's not because of me, then he doesn't need to go to jail. I don't even know who to blame.
T: Of course blame you! I'm guessing last time, a lot of boys must have done crazy things for you. For example, fighting and jumping down buildings, right?
C: It's not that bad..
T: Seeing you laughing means you're okay. Cheers.
C: Cheers.
T: Would you like to come over and help me in my company?
C: Help you?
T: *nods head* To become my secretary.
C: I've never been a secretary.
T: Being a secretary is not that hard.
C: Isn't your secretary suppose to be beautiful and have a good figure to help you?
T: I have a lot of that in my company. I just want a secretary that can talk with me.
C: Talk? My mom can talk too! Why not I give you her number.
T: I'm serious. Even if you don't help me, I'll have to look for someone else.
C: Let me think about it first, okay?

8. The 3 Hong sisters went out for shopping and met Elise.

9. Siu Yau helped Constance agree with Terrence to attend a job interview as his secretary without her knowledge. Constance tells Terrence she still needs to think about it.


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