December 23, 2009

The Gem of Life - Episode 22

1. Sylvia is angry with Ah Wor for not admitting to Jessica that he likes her. Constance and Ah Wor were both surprised at her sudden outburst.

2. Siu Yau discourages Constance from learning jewellery design. The whole family finds out about Ah Wor buying a ring, but does not know who he bought it for, when he actually bought it for Jessica.

3. Ah Fat goes to see Constance at the store. Constance asks him to go away, but he wouldn't listen. Terrence comes to take his credit card back, which he left. Ah Fat creates trouble, and buys the most expensive ring in the store because he thinks that Constance looks down on him.

4. Constance asks Terrence out for dinner to apologize about what happened in the store.


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