December 1, 2009

Gigi mentioned in D.I.E Again

In D.I.E Again (episode 20), Gigi's name was mentioned by Mimi.

[They were talking about tabloid news regarding Kam Zhi Fung and Ying Pui Pui...]
Yue sir (Roger): Two people being together is about 'feel' and not qualifications.
Siu Fung (Ho Ying): That's right. Miracles happen. It doesn't have to be a prince together with a princess. Maybe, a beauty can marry a beast.
Law sir (Kwok Fung): That's true.. if it's always about qualifications, Pierre won't choose Mei Wun.
Mei Wun (Mimi): Law sir, what did you say?! If I knew dancing can make you famous, I wouldn't be a policewoman and would join the entertainment circle. Since Gigi has retired, it's my turn.


  1. Nancy=Nancy Wu?Who's Edwin?
    anyway blogged this

  2. Kaimin,
    Edwin is Kam Zhi Fung and Nancy is Ying Pui Pui. Their real names are Edwin & Nancy :)


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