November 29, 2009

Christmas wishes for Gigi.

'+' = I added/edited something.

I'm planning to send a Christmas gift along with a personal note to Gigi :)

If you want to me to include your personal note.. please e-mail me:

The format of your e-mail should be as follows :-

Subject: [Name] - (Christmas) Personal note to Gigi.
[Personal note]
(Optional) [Where you live]
(Optional) [Anything else you want to add e.g. poems, drawings etc..] +

Few things to keep in mind:
~ Your personal notes will be printed, not written.
~ No worries, your note will not be shown to the public. It will be kept privately.
~ I will be sending this to Gigi's brother's clinic which she is currently managing.
~ Gigi can understand English, so you can write your letter in English! +

DEADLINE: 20th December 2009
I will not receive anything else after the deadline because I need to send it earlier so that she can receive it on Christmas, or at least before that. Lol, that is the whole point of a deadline xD

Her Viet fans sent her something for her birthday (1st October) and she received it :)
Keep your fingers crossed! Hopefully she successfully receives it.


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