October 31, 2009

20/10/09 - Gigi officially retires


Gigi Lai announces her retirement from the entertainment industry. Bids those who have supported farewell.

Source: Sina
Translation: Sunnysnow @ Spcnet Forums

TVB grand production "Gem of Life" debuts in Hong Kong tonight. While promoting the series with her colleagues, Gigi suddenly announced that she will be retiring from the entertainment industry, sparking stunned responses among those present. Unable to hold back her tears, Gigi thanked TVB for supporting her for the past 20 years, "This is the last time I will accept an interview, after tonight, I will be starting a new life."

Gigi revealed that she has been planning to retire over the past two years and the people around her have supported her decision. Her brother's accident changed her views of fame drastically. "The most important thing in life is not money, but the time you spend with your family. I entered the industry when I was only a teenager and have been in it for 29 years. Having tried everything from singing, acting in movies and dramas, I am thankful and satisfied with what I have achieved today."

Gigi admitted that she is not getting married but may plan to do so in the future. "The most important thing to me at present is to spend time with my family, take care of my brother and perhaps go back to school to study." she said. When the host asked her whether she is considering a full retirement, Gigi replied, "I am not going to take on any more commercials, attend any more award ceremonies, release any more albums or film any more shows. This will be the last time I am doing an interview."

When taking pictures with the cast at the end of the event, Gigi thanked everyone once again for all the help and support they gave. She added, "I am happy that I was able to film such a great production like "Gem of Life", everything was filmed with care and the script is good. Thank you for all support TVB, I want to thank every production team who has worked with me before, every actor who has worked with me before and every single one of my fans. I am forever a TVB artist."

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Can only be streamed in Hong Kong. If you're not in HK, ARGHHH :(

It's also removed from Youtube (NOOOOO!)
I remember that she cried in the video..

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You have to click on one of the pictures to see all of the other pictures, if you get what I mean!


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