August 28, 2011

[News] 24 July 2011 - Gigi Lai's twin girls exposed at 1 year old birthday party

Gigi Lai's twin girls exposed at 1 year old birthday party

Gigi Lai's twin girls Patricia and Gianna turned 1 year old yesterday and at the party, the girls were officially exposed. A very cute pair, the older one looks more like Mom and the young looks more like Dad. Gigi is very satisfied with two daughters, and is in a very bright mood, putting matching outfits on her twins. There were about 30 security workers throughout the whole event. Earlier it was rumored Gigi was pregnant again, but yesterday she was dressed in a white tight dress, walking comfortably, doesn't look like she's pregnant!

Yesterday morning at 7:30am, Gigi already arrived at the location to prepare, and posted a background photo of the hotel on Weibo. She wrote: "Good morning, the weather is great, thankfully! Today is also a special day in my life, and is the busiest day, thank you God!" The night before, many fans wished her girls a happy birthday, she replied: "Thank you all for the blessings to my two girls! Thanks!" It has been a year since ex-TVB actress Gigi Lai gave birth to her twin daughters.

Source: Mingpao
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After a solid year of keeping her daughters out of the limelight since their birth, Gigi's twins made their first public appearance yesterday, when their mummy held a birthday party for her daughters at a hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui.

At around 7am yesterday morning, Gigi was seen at the hotel preparing for the day ahead. She later uploaded a photo with a scenic view of Hong Kong onto her microblog with the caption saying, "Good morning! I'm grateful for the great weather today. Thank god for this special and busy day of my life."

On Saturday night, fans of the actress sent the twins their birthday wishes through Gigi's microblog and the latter thanked everyone for the blessings and expressed her gratefulness in return.

When the girls were spotted yesterday, it was said that the elder daughter resembles Gigi, while the younger daughter resembles the actress' husband.

In other related news, the mother of two, who was said to be pregnant again, put speculations to rest when she appeared at the party in a tight-fitting dress.



Basically, the video is almost exactly the same as the article above :) There weren't much additional information.


Gigi looks so beautiful :D
And aww, how adorable are the twins? Happy Birthday Ka Wai & Ka Mei!


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