December 20, 2010

News - [18 Dec] Gigi visits dermatology clinic

Gigi and her assistant visits her brother's dermatology clinic

Video link: Tudou
(Thanks to Anonymous)

To read news article #1:

To read news article #2:

Article #1 and video are similar because they are both from Apple Daily.

Summary of video and article #1 (as requested)...

Basically, both the video clip and article talks about how much weight Gigi has lost and breastfeeding her twins, Ka Wai and Ka Mei.

Gigi's face looks a lot thinner compared to when she was seen eating out with her husband in September. She and female assistant visited her brother's dermatology clinic. Gigi has lost 10+ pounds.

Gigi married Patrick Ma last year and gave birth to twins, Ka Wai and Ka Mei in July this year. Originally, Gigi breastfeeds her twins. But as the twins grow, the milk isn't enough for both of them. So they currently switched to formula feeding since the babies are already 3 months old.

Because of the cold weather, Gigi is wearing thick black clothing but you can still see that she has returned to her previous figure. She is also carrying a Herm├Ęs Birkin. When she saw the reporters, she smiled and walked straight to the clinic.


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