October 28, 2010

News - [22 Oct] More Updates on Gigi

Thirty-nine year-old Gigi Lai Chi married wealthy businessman, Ma Ting Keung last year and gave birth to a pair of twin girls in July 2010. Since the younger twin only weighed three pounds at birth, her breathing was assisted by an oxygen tank in the first month. Since the baby’s immune system was still weak, Gigi took extra precautions to decrease her chance of bacterial infections. Gigi did not take the older twin baby outside and only allowed small batches of visitors at a time. Even Gigi’s parents had to follow the visitation rules as well.

Due to her advanced age, Gigi was grateful that she was able to become a mother. On Thanksgiving Day, November 25th, a Christianing will be held for her twin daughters. Gigi requested that only family and friends be allowed at the private Christianing.
After marrying Ma Ting Keung, Gigi was intent on being a good wife and mother. She followed a [nutritious] diet that was focused on improving her health. Gigi had no intention to slim down immediately, as her plan was to have another child soon. An inside source said, “”Mothers who are breastfeeding need to have balanced nutrition in order to generate generous milk supply. After birth, the twin baby girls adjusted poorly and often vomited. Gigi’s husband wanted her to rest more. But two months after giving birth, her body is recovered and she is ready to have more babies. Looking at the twin girls, Gigi forgot all about her own discomfort.”
While caring for the baby twin girls, Gigi did not neglect her brother, Lai Ying’s, skincare clinic. Every other day, she went to the skincare clinic to ensure things were running well. Last Friday, Gigi was spotted wearing a mask and a floral dress on her way to the skincare clinic. Since she did not intentionally lose weight, Gigi’s waist appeared flabby. Her arms and legs were noticeably thinner though.

Excerpt from Next Magazine #1076

Source: Jayne Stars


Didn't like the last part of the article which mentioned Gigi's waist appearing flabby!

But other than that, Gigi is naturally being a very good and protective mother. Glad motherhood isn't intimidating her ;)


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