September 18, 2010

News - Gigi Lai reunites with baby daughter

An overjoyed Gigi Lai has finally received her younger twin daughter back from the hospital.

In July this year, Gigi Lai successfully gave birth to premature twin daughters.

However, the younger girl was too light (1.36 kg or 3 lbs.) to be deemed healthy for discharged - until recently.

A visibly happy Gigi was seen shopping in Hong Kong's central, buying clothes for her baby girl.

The new mom had reportedly insisted on breast feeding her children, and was said to be consistently consuming tonic products and fish soup to nurse her health.

Prior to the pregnancy, Gigi and her husband, tycoon Patrick Ma have been working hard for a child. A successful artificial insemination procedure finally granted their wish.

To reward his wife for her hard work, Patrick Ma spared no expenses, spending lavishly on a whooping HKD $15 million (S $3 million or USD $1.9 million) on a luxurious yacht for Gigi.

The yacht was later named Bonheur, meaning happiness in French.

The elated 53-year-old businessman even splurged on a luxurious HKD $800,000 (S $160,000 or US$103,000) hospital ward for his wife to stay after her delivery.

According to reports, the doting husband was also said to have spent over HKD $1 million (S $200,000 or USD $130,000) on tonics such as bird's nest and abalone for Gigi's post-natal recuperation.

Source: XIN MSN

Glad to hear that Gigi's baby girl is doing fine! :)


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