June 17, 2010

The Gem of Life - Episode 43

Sylvia arguing with Constance, her mom and Ying jie about Terrence (continuation from last episode).

This scene started out with Contance and Terrence being kinda lovey-dovey. Constance told Terrence about Sylvia accusing him of ordering people to beat Calvin up and asked him whether he was the one who did it. Terrence said he did not. But Constance wasn't too sure about his answer so Terrence got fed up. He gave her a peck on the forehead and left the house because "he did not want to argue with her".

Terrence got drunk and Sharon (Maria Chan) spotted him in his car. She took the opportunity to take a picture of them together.
Terrence was surprised to wake up in Jessica's house the next day (I think Sharon told Jessica about Terrence being drunk and brought him back to Jessica's house). Jessica tells Terrence to not hurt Constance's feelings.

Constance: Just came back from work?
Terrence: I specially came to see you.
Constance: Do you have time?
Terrence: I'm actually pretty busy. But every night when I return home and I want to see you, you have fallen asleep. I know that you are at the door sometimes, but you don't dare to come in because you don't want to disturb me. I have thought very clearly. Even if I'm busy with work, I realized it's not important anymore.
Constance: I hope you won't blame me for suspecting that you were the one who beat up Calvin.
Terrence: You suspected me because I did not put in enough effort to make you trust in me. The one to blame is not you, it is me.
Terrence: I miss you.
Constance: Me too.
Terrence: Oh yeah, aren't you afraid of cold feet? I didn't accompany you these few nights, could you sleep well?
Constance: I didn't say I slept well.
Terrence: Let's go for dinner tomorrow.
Constance: Let me cook for you. I have learnt a few recipes from Ying jie.
Terrence: *nods* Let's go.

Constance and Terrence had a little chat on the phone before Terrence was going to leave Hong Kong (for business purposes).


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