February 10, 2010

Team of Miracle: We Will Rock You - Miscellaneous


According to an interview with Kenny and Eric in the talkshow Today's VIP, the cast were suppose to stand on the soccer goalpost, but because of Gigi's fear of heights, they sat down on the goalpost instead.

From Eric Suen's blog:

From Gigi's blog:


Gigi Lai Guest Star in New Gospel Movie with Eric Suen

Gigi guest stars for new gospel movie, 'Drifter's World Cup' for a 6 digit fee. Gigi says that she will donate the fee to charity.

Eric Suen, who also stars, says he promised to donate a tenth of his fee. It has been few years since Gigi has filmed a movie, and so this opportunity to do so makes her very happy. The most important thing about taking upon this movie is that it brings a positive message across through it's storyline. Gigi and Eric has worked together many years ago, and so they are already familiar with each other. There would be emotional scenes between them.

When asked how her brother is doing, Gigi says he is well. She is helping out his clinic everyday

Credits: Always Gigi


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