February 12, 2010

Similarities between the Hong sisters

Spoiler Alert~


Sylvia is a strong, career-minded woman. She's very serious when it comes to work and wants to do her best. Most of the time she is quite clear-minded. She does not break down easily and does not give up.

She has a relationship with Calvin and Sunny.
Sylvia&Calvin were 'enemies' before they started dating. She worked for him amd fell in love with him. But they broke up because Sylvia thinks that Calvin is not being serious about their relationship. After that, Sylvia and Calvin maintain a boss-worker relationship.

Then Catherine comes into the picture. Catherine's brother owns a prestigious entertainment company. Her brother falls very ill and Catherine is put in charge of the company.
Catherine likes Calvin, but she can see that Calvin still has feelings for Sylvia. She eliminates (figuratively speaking) Sylvia by telling her that she feels insecure and wants Sylvia to get married (not with Calvin obviously) if she wants to cooperate with her in some business. Sylvia decides to get married with Sunny. Sunny is gay and likes Calvin, but he knows that they won't be together.
At the same time, Catherine wants to marry Calvin.
The two couples get married but after 2 yrs, they were divorced.
Sylvia was pregnant with Calvin's baby but she experienced a miscarriage.

Their ending:
Sylvia sort of ends up with Calvin and they both realize they love each other, but Sylvia will have to wait for him as he is going to jail.


Constance is a sentimental and sweet woman. She is a hopeless romantic, but she is blinded by love which makes her naive and gullible.

Constance has a relationship with Frankie, Derek and Terrence.
The story starts with her returning from Canada with her husband, Frankie after they eloped a few years ago. Frankie cheats Constance for her money, which leaves her heart-broken.

Then she meets Derek after she finds a job at MaBelle. At first, Derek was only after Constance because of lust. He already had a girlfriend who was together with him for years. She aborted their baby for him.
Constance was touched with everything he did to pursue her and started an underground relationship with him because he is not on talking terms with her family. Her mother found out about them in the end and exposed the bad things he did. Constance was once again heartbroken to hear that he lied to her about his ex-girlfriend. They broke up. Derek still looks out for her and threatened to kill Mr. Suen because Derek thought he wanted to sack Constance. Derek ends up in jail.

Terrence met Constance when she was in a clothes store after arguing with Jessica. He bought a dress for her.

When Jessica and Patrick encountered finance problems, she appealed to him to consider investing in her brother-in-law's stock market. They were stuck in the yacht at sea for 7 days. Constance didn't like his attitude and him at all.
After the incident they warmed up and got to know each other more. Terrence confesses his love to her but she didn't want to start a relationship so quick because of her previous love experience with Derek. But Terrence won her heart.

But because of her new family ties with him after Jessica married Martin and her mother's disapproval of their relationship, they were forced apart. He was stubborn and still wanted to be with Constance. She also found out that she wanted to be with him, despite the new family ties.

After all the storms and obstacles, Terrence decided to marry Constance. But he was (almost) unfaithful to his marriage. Elise sent pictures of him and Sharon to Constance. She was furious, but decided to forgive him. Elise cheats Terrence into bed with her. Constance saw this and thought of this as the last straw. She files for divorce. She also runs away from home to run away from the fact that her mother is going to jail for Jessica.

2 years later, she comes back from Tibet. She is a whole new person. She knows how to defend herself and isn't afraid to voice out her opinion. Terrence still wants to be with her but she has made her decision to finalize the divorce.

Derek comes back to Hong Kong also from Tibet and still has feelings for Constance.
But because Terrence didn't want a third party in his relationship with Constance, he did not help Derek escape from a burning truck, therefore Derek died.
Constance wants to start again with Terrence. They had an argument and broke up. Terrence told Constance the truth about Derek's death.

Their ending:
Constance bumped into Terrence when she was trying to retrieve her Happiness Ring which she dropped into the sewer. Terrence helps her retrieve it back. She was so happy, she hugged him and he hugged back. She then retreated herself from the hug and they both stand awkwardly on the streets.


Jessica is a smart, money-minded woman. She plans out everything she will and must do, and can be quite manipulative at times. She is also materialistic and an opportunist. Most of the time, she always gets what she wants.

She has a relationship with Ah Wor and Martin.

Her relationship with Ah Wor was only one way, Ah Wor has had a crush on her since they were young while Jessica isn't interested in him.

She meets Martin, a successful businessman who is older than her father. His son, Terrence does not like Jessica at all and treats her like an enemy. He does not allow his father to be with Jessica because he does not like Jessica and because he is dating her sister, Constance.

At first Jessica's father disagrees on her relationship with Martin, but he then accepted it because he could see how happy Jessica was when she is with him.
So Jessica married him secretly and privately in Phuket.
Her mother objected because she has already planned out Constance and Terrence's relationship. But after Constance sacrificed her relationship with Terrence for Jessica's happiness, their mother finally accepts Martin.
Jessica becomes worried when Terrence & Constance got married.
Jessica becomes pregnant and gives birth to Xun Xun.

She accidentally hits a boy while driving but her mother took the blame for her and went to jail.

After 2 years, she has changed.

Her ending:
Martin and Xun Xun dies.
She is left alone with her husband and son gone. Ah Wor becomes blind and confesses his love to Jessica.

The 3 sisters have their similarities and differences.

- All 3 sisters have 2 love interests (Frankie&Constance doesn't count).
- They got married twice.
- They completely changed after the 2 years.
- They moved back to their parents' home almost at the same time.
- Their marriages were doubted by their mother.
- Their 2nd husbands are rich (fulfilling the plot of the series) Sunny (Kenny Wong) isn't very rich xD

And if you're curious, here's the differences. They are pretty obvious:

- Personality
- How they handle situations


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