February 4, 2010

4th of February - Gigi 4 months pregnant; lays off work to take care of baby

Article says that Gigi has seen a doctor and changed her name to 'Lai Ka Yee' in hopes of getting a baby.
Gigi reportedly got pregnant in October last year. After her husband knew about it, he arranged for her to stay in Canossa Hospital and didn't let her work in her brother's dermatology clinic for the safety of the baby.

You see, now she's '4 months pregnant'!
I am becoming very doubtful of most of her news after her retirement XD


  1. I always doubtful of Gigi have baby because some magazine always say Gigi have baby when she married

  2. I agree.. so many rumours about her being pregnant all the time!

  3. I hope she have baby soon, because if she have baby when she is old, it is very dangerous !


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