February 2, 2010

1st Feb 2010 - Former actress Gigi Lai two months pregnant

Source: Channel News Asia

HONG KONG: Former actress Gigi Lai who changed her name and consulted a celebrity fertility specialist in hopes of getting a child, is now two months pregnant.

According to Hong Kong media, Lai was overjoyed when she found out she was pregnant and messaged her close friends about it.

"This time, we finally struck. I am so happy. My husband is so anxious and tells me to be careful," said Lai in her text message.

39-year-old Lai and wealthy businessman Patrick Ma, who is 14 years her senior, tied the knot last January. The couple love children but it was not easy for a woman of Lai's age to conceive, so Lai had pulled out all the stops in a bid to make it happen.

She changed her name to "Li Jia Er" - which sounds the same phonetically as the phrase "adding a son", on the advice of her geomancer, who said it would increase her chances of getting pregnant.

She also got top fertility specialist Clement Ho, who has treated stars like Hong Kong actresses Carina Lau and Sandra Ng, to aid her in her quest for a child.

When her husband learned of her pregnancy, he was so anxious he cancelled their wedding anniversary party to let her rest.

Lai's mother-in-law has also started staying by her side and personally takes care of her diet.

Ma reportedly decided to buy another luxury residence for Lai as a gift after Lai was found to be pregnant and will bring her to pick out a place once the their child's condition is stable.

Ma had previously bought his wife a villa, a yacht and a luxury car worth a total of about HK$17.2 million (S$3.1 million), spent HK$20 million (S$3.6 million) to expand his brother-in-law Lai Ying's beauty salon business.

- CNA/ha

Honestly, I don't know whether to trust this piece of news. Remember last year where reports said she was 2 months pregnant as well? Somewhere in the middle of the year, another piece of news said she was 4 months pregnant too.

There were also pictures where Gigi looked pregnant but after that she clarified that the pictures were photoshopped:

Neither did I fully believe the news of her changing her name to Lai Ka Yee.
Everyone has their own opinion about this, but I guess I'll only believe it when she clarifies :)

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