January 27, 2010

The Gem of Life - Episode 33

1. The Hong sisters and Siu Yau went to try out dresses for Jessica's wedding. Their conversations have 'hidden' messages, which is quite funny.
SY: Beautiful, all 3 of you are beautiful.
C: Ah, but I still think Jessica's dress is a bit plain. Isn't the other one better?
J: Plain is good. The cut is not bad.
Salesperson: This wedding gown is from Milan. Why not I bring more for you to try?
J: Thank you.
SY: In my opinion this dress is quite nice.
C: What do you think, older sis?
S: Do you think that we can stop her from having the things she want? Let her be. (referring to her marriage to Martin)
C: What about my dress then?
S: If you like it, no one can stop you. (referring to her relationship with Terrence)
SY: Ah, this dress is nice, it suits you.
C: Okay, then I'll take this one.
J: Don't care about oldest sis, there are so many dresses, pick slowly.
C: You're the main character, you should slowly pick.
J: That night, I plan to introduce you to a lot of men. You must look very beautiful! If you don't mind, oldest sis.. I can -
S: I mind.
J: Do you have to reply me so fast? I know you said that you and Ko Cheung Sing are not in a relationship, but that's not true.
S: Crazy!
J: If not, then why are you still working at his company? You say you have nothing to do with him? I won't believe you.
S: Ko Cheung Sing is a good boss. I feel that I will have a lot of opportunities to succeed. Your marriage has benefits to you, my work as well.
J: Do you have to be so harsh?
SY: Stop! You think listening to you two arguing is nice?
S: She started it first.
J: I don't want to talk to you! Older sis (Constance), you have to be beautiful that night.
C: Don't introduce me to anyone, it's so old-fashioned.
J: Oh, I know, you must have a crush on someone... ah! (SY pinches her back to stop her from continuing).
SY: Hmm the dress doesn't suit you, you should alter where it should be altered (meaning: she should stop talking about Constance).
S: In my opinion, you should alter your bust area as well, you know yourself.

2. Terrence e-mails Constance about a book he just read, "An Incomplete Man".
In his e-mail...
"I just read an interesting story, I would like to share it with you. Long ago, humans were like earthworms or seahorses, who are the same (something like that). Men and women were inseparable. But one day, a jealous numen separated men and women, like breaking a shell into two. From then onwards, humans had to search for their other half. Some people are lucky because they have found it. But some have not found it. I feel that you and I are lucky. I will be back soon, I want to see you."

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Filming news:

Gigi Lai Films for "Jewel's Splendor" While Taking Care of Brother

Although Gigi Lai Chi's brother, Lai Ying, is still recuperating from his automobile accident in May, she has returned to work after a 2 month hiatus. Gigi filmed an outdoor scene for "Jewel's Splendor" yesterday. Although the lunch break was less than an hour, she took the opportunity to quickly visit her brother at the hospital with her assistant. It is obvious that Gigi and her brother share a strong bond.

Gigi, Ada Choi Siu Fun, and Maggie Shiu Mei Kei filmed at a wedding center, with 2nd sister, Ada, deciding to marry Ngok Wah, a man who was even older than her father.

Accompanied by sisters, Maggie and Gigi, and mother, Gigi Wong Suk Yee, Ada tried on her wedding dress. Ngok Wah, Moses Chan, and Kenny Wong were also present to take group photos.

Three weeks ago, Gigi returned to work. Yesterday, she work an ice-blue low cut evening dress. Regarding Lai Ying's status, Gigi said, "He had several surgeries and will need time to recover. He often has to change his patient room."

Gigi's character is a sweet-natured woman and will pair with Moses Chan. However, Gig's sister, Ada, married Moses' father, Ngok Wah. As a result of the marriage, Gigi and Moses were forced apart due to their new family connections.

Since both Ada and Maggie are strong-willed characters, they often exchange biting remarks in the series. In the scene at the wedding center, Maggie said to Ada, "You should alter the bust line of the wedding dress; you know about your body's flaws!"



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