January 20, 2010

The Gem of Life - Episode 28

1. It was Constance's first day working at Miracle.

2. Constance received a call from Terrence's ex-girlfriend saying that she got HIV from Terrence.

3. Constance was asked to drive Terrence's Lamborghini* (reason was not mentioned). She drove home to get a name card of a doctor for Terrence. Elise saw her driving Terrence's car and followed her to her house. Elise created trouble at the Hong family's house.

4. Constance tried to tell Terrence about his ex-girlfriend's call but he was always so busy. Constance heard from June (her friend who works at MaBelle, remember?) that Terrence came over to MaBelle to buy a neckalace. Constance was worried. When she left, someone passed her something protective** for HIV. She decided to look for Terrence to tell him about the call and to give him the protective thing. But Terrence already left the marina, so Constance threw the protective thing on to his boat. Then Elise appeared....

* = Woahhh, Gigi was driving a Lamborghini :D!
** = Sorry, I do not know how to explain that protective thingy.


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  1. That strawberry "protective thing" looks like bandaid lol.

  2. Lols, trust me, it's not bandaid :P


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