December 4, 2009

Picture of the Fortnight! #3

Gigi and Maggie look so cute!


Cast of The Gem of Life sails on a luxury cruise
October 21 2009

The cast of TVB Anniversary Series, The Gem of Life, went on a luxury cruise to promote the series. Among those present were Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Maggie Siu, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan and Wong Hei. The cast were treated to a splendid buffet meal as well as synchronized swimming performances.

The cast also made wishes with candles and placed them in the swimming pool, hoping for high TV ratings. The female cast member were extra cautious when placing the candles in the pool as they didn't want to wet their beautiful dresses. Gigi Lai jokingly said that she was also worried that Bowie, who was standing behind her, might push her into the pool. Bowie, Moses and Kenny Wong also performed a strip dance to the delight of all the ladies present.
Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Maggie SiuThe Gems of Life Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong

Ada and Maggie's outfit were the most eye-catching. Ada explained that her outift was sponsored but what matters is that it suited the occasion. She also expressed her confidance in the series, "There are very few series that will air 2 episodes at once. I believe the ratings won’t be bad. I hope the audience will like it." A reporter complimented Maggie, saying that she (Maggie) and Ada had stolen the limelight from Gigi. Maggie was modest and said, "We can all alternate looking beautiful. Most important is being comfortable with what you are wearing." Maggie also echoed Gigi's confidence in the series but added that she will not put too much pressure on herself.

Source: Mingpao
Credits: Matchbox @ MediaChamber (closed)


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