December 18, 2009

17 Nov 09 - Former actress Gigi Lai changes name in hopes of bearing a son

The 38-year-old former actress had been married to Ma, 52, for the past 11 months. When they got married, she promised to give the Ma family an heir but her efforts so far have been in vain.

Desperate for a child, Lai went to fertility specialists and even consulted a geomancer on the matter, despite being a devout Christian.

A geomancer claimed that Lai's old name "Li Zi" benefited her career but conversely decreased the chances of her having a child. Even if she conceived, the child will more likely be a daughter than a son.

Lai's new name "Li Jia Er" - which sounds the same phonetically as the phrase "adding a son" - is believed to change her fortune and improve her chances of gaining a son.

However, the new name will reportedly give her less luck with interpersonal relationships. This would not affect Lai much since she has retired from the entertainment industry and will not need to meet as many people as before.

Lai has asked all her acquaintances to address her by her new name. She also replaced all instances of her old name in her passport and other documents, on the advice of her geomancer.

Accorind to the geomancer, her name change will be more effective if people forget about her old name quickly.

Source: Channel News Asia

I might be biased, I would like to hear her clarify this herself.
Remember the pregnancy rumours? News about her being pregnant for 4-5 months was everywhere in the news, but after that I think she clarified that she was not pregnant.

In my opinion, maybe she changed her name because she wanted to be called Lai Ka Yee, the ordinary HK citizen... and not Lai Chi, the actress. Being such a coincidence, her name Lai Ka Yee/Li Jia Yi sounds like something else.

Hmmm there's something I don't get.. for those who can read Chinese out there!
黎珈而.. 珈而 does phonetically sound like 加兒.. but the '兒' doesn't necessarily mean 'boy'. Lol I don't get geomancy at all :P

Sorry for the late post. Didn't have internet access!

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