November 20, 2009

Picture of the Fortnight! #2


Gigi Lai Licks Moses Chan's Feet, Thinks He Will Win Best Actor Award This Year

Gigi Lai, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Yoyo Mung appeared yesterday at a promotional event for TVB anniversary series "The Ultimate Crime Fighter". Recently there were news reports saying TVB has divided into two factions, with Stephan Chan's side going against Virginia Lok's side. Gigi and Moses claimed they don't belong to any faction, they work for the company, so both Stephan and Virginia are their bosses.

In "The Ultimate Crime Fighter", Gigi will play an ugly looking girl while Moses plays a gigolo whose true identity is an undercover cop. There is a scene where Moses licks male actor Jungtang Wang's feet, at the event yesterday, Gigi imitated Moses and pretended to lick Moses' feet for him, causing much laughter.

The day before was Gigi's birthday, she spent the day at work, then visited her brother in hospital afterwards. Gigi says her brother is happy whenever he sees her, if he can't see her, he would cry and sulk, so she needs to visit him in hospital at least once at day. Her brother still needs to undergo two or three more operations.

This year, Yoyo Mung has three series "Heart of Greed", "Fathers and Sons", and "The Ultimate Crime Fighter", giving her a good chance for the best actress award. Gigi supports Moses to win the best actor award, she says he is very talented and hardworking, she wouldn't be surprised if he wins. As for best actress, she supports Lee See Kei to win because she has such great acting skills.

Souce: Apple Daily
Credits: DVDLover @ AF


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